Hi there. I'm Chris. I'm a senior freelance writer in New York City.

Before that, I was employee number nine at Figliulo&Partners.

Before I joined the Framily, I worked at Pereira & O'Dell in San Francisco.

Before that I was sleeping on couches at CP+B in Boulder, CO.

Before that, I made this as a favor to my roommate at the Creative Circus in Atlanta, GA.

Before that I was convincing my family that "The Creative Circus" was a real thing.

Before that I was a bacchanalian undergrad at Penn State.

Before that I didn't know what bacchanalian meant.

Before that I was in Hershey High School. Yes, where they make the chocolate.

Before that I was the star of the middle school soccer team.

Before that I was wearing the illest glasses and batman sneakers.

Before that I was pooping my pants and everybody was really chill about it.

Before that I was a good time.



But if you want to capture who I am in a Lime-A-Rita sized nutshell, you should probably go here.


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