This project has quite a backstory involving a favor, emails from Belarus, deciphering feedback from another language, and a desperate attempt to sell through a Steven Seagull joke. Ask me about it sometime.  

Youtube Comment Reviews:

"This one was less terrible."

       -Littlest Chimp

"You should really make a World of Warships commercial with Lundgren, my idea for a punchline would be "It has Dolph-in". As for the terrible sense of humor, didn't it occur to you that if you really had to hire Segal, you could write his surname in a more see-way? You know, like, Steven Seagull?" (editors note: this guy gets it)

       -Dominik Kost

UPDATE (11/07/17):  So apparently Steven Seagal is a piece of shit? Which is super cool. I went back and forth, but decided to leave this in my book because it was a wild ride and I'm pleased with how it turned out, all things considered. But... ugh.