UPDATE: I did a dumb thing.

It's over! We made it. No limbs lost, no bribes paid, no jail time spent.

I'm currently trying my hardest to sift through the gigs of footage and decipher my handwriting, but in the meantime, here's a quick peek into how our run went.

I'm doing a dumb thing.


On April 1st, my good friend Danny Gottleib, his cousin Kevin O'Neill, and I are hopping on tiny 49cc motorcycles and spending the next seven days trying to get from the Eastern border of Morocco to an undisclosed location outside of Marrakech.

Adventurists Monkey Run.jpg

If you can't tell, those motorcycles are really quite small. And if you're not an expert in sand, that is the Sahara. And if you're not able to see into the future, that will be me. Very soon.

This "race" is called the Monkey Run, and it's the brain child of this fine company. They're a little... off. For instance, this is part of the "orientation pack" they send you. 

"Good for one free police bribe."

"Good for one free police bribe."

But they're also British and have generations of exploration (It's the first step in colonization, after all!) coursing through their veins. So that might explain it.

Either way, it's happening. Now, if you're thinking to yourself, "There's no way a glorified children's toy can function properly in a desert... with sand..." Well, you're not wrong. You'd also not be wrong if you thought to yourself, "Chris is not the LEAST bit mechanically... anything." But good news. Danny and Kevin aren't either.

Danny Rickshaw.jpg

And that's kind of the point. Things will break down. We will get lost. I bought a compass on Tuesday. Like an actual one. With an N on it. 

But sometimes in life (like say when you turn thirty and also the world is racing towards the CLEANSING FIRE), you've got to do something out of the ordinary to remind yourself why this being alive thing really is the bees knees.

So if watching this particular flavor of slow moving train wreck is, as the Brits would say, your cup of tea, here's what you can do.

1) Go here, starting April 1st, and click on the circle in Morocco. I'll be using what3words to update this tracker as often as I can. Assuming I have service. Which is a BIG ole' ass-out-of-u-and-me situation.

2) Click this to subscribe to email updates about the trip. I'll be sending them (maybe) periodically throughout the adventure. And then, once I'm home, I'll be posting much more #content as fast as I can edit it.

3) find me on instagram at @thechrisbakery. 

That's all from me for now. And possibly ever. 

Pip Pip!